Sour Plum Gin Sour cocktail

Cocktail Recipe

Everyone loves a classic sour cocktail with the lemons and foamy top delight. This one is heavenly from the first sip as the villain of the Sour plum gin really adds a new dimension with its tartness. 
A great cocktail is all about layers of flavour, so instead of a plain simple syrup I used a smoked rosemary syrup, and rimmed the glass with our own Gin Salt. 

Recipe for 2 serves 

60ml Sour Bitch gin

15 ml Campari 

45ml lemon juice

10ml sour plum juice 

10ml smoked rosemary syrup

10ml egg white or aquafaba 

Finally, shake vigorously in a shaker with ice and strain into a coupe glass rimmed with lemon juice and gin salt. 

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