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What's all the Fizz about?

A classic cocktail that will transport you back to the Gatsby era, the gin fizz is a soft, silky and elegant drink that is easy to shake up in no time. The fizz or the foam on top is the crowing glory so don't skip this step.  The gin fizz recipe I am enjoying lately is a pink raspberry fizz.  Fresh zingy lemon pairs perfectly with the tartness of the raspberry infused gin to hold on to the memory of summer. A small amount of eggwhite is used to create the liquid meringue like foam which gives this drink it's silkiness (don't skip this step, you can't taste the egg!) The addition of club soda adds the fizz.  Ingredients: 1...

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Autumn Inspired Cocktails

Cocktail Recipes A great cocktail is about showing off and making the drinker feel super special. We’ve been hard at work creating delicious, sumptuous cocktails for you to help finesse your Gin O’clock. We’ve got you covered with simple tips to up your garnish game and suggestions on glassware to take your skills to the next level.  Apple Pie Martini Autumn is here so celebrate the cool crisp evenings with the perfect cool crisp martini using our Autumn Edition spiced apple and fig gin with a dash of Crafty Cider’s sweet sipping Ice Cider. This martini is elegant and silky with all the spiced feels of Autumn in the high country. Local honeycrisp apples, wild figs and the dessert cider bring it...

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What's In A Name? Eliksir

What's in a name? You might have wondered about the name of our gin so here's a little background. Eliksir [noun]- derived from Middle English, from the Arabic al-ʾiksīr, meaning a liquid or tonic to grant eternal life, the secret to good health and the remedy for all ills. In Norse mythology eliksir is the ambrosia or nectar of the gods. I think you'll agree our gin is certainly the nectar of the gods. Tumbarumba provides all the freshest ingredients, the sublime atmosphere and the perfect alchemy to create our Eliksir Gin.

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Let's talk tonic

Some people make a big fuss about tonics and given they are an integral part of the way in which most of us consume our gin I can see why. Here's 10 fun facts about this bitter thirst quencher!1) Tonic is a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigour or well-being and is synonymous with 'refreshing' 2) It comes from Greek root word 'tonikos' meaning 'invigorating'. 3) Tonic water is carbonated water infused with quinine, an extract derived from the bark of the South American Cinchona plant.  4) The South American indigenous peoples used the healing properties of the bark to treat fevers. 5) Spanish soldiers and Jesuit priests brought it back to the old world where it later became the...

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Meet the makers at Ladbroken Distilling Co.

It's probably about time we introduced ourselves fully. We are hoping that some day in the near future you will be able to visit us at our premises. Neil Ladbrook is the our head distiller, engineer and craftsman. Handy on the tools and the driving force behind getting started on this new adventure. Escaping the IT world for the world of whisky, wood and workmanship Neil is busy brewing, sparging, malting and smoking to ensure he gets just the right flavour profile to capture the spirit of the High Country.  Robbie Ladbrook is the gincrafter and botanicals expert who’s background in science and education is the reason we are busy planting three acres of demonstration foraging gardens onsite in Tumbarumba. She dreams of establishing...

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